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  • Eric Miller

4 Characteristics of a Good Home Inspector

There are many people in this world who feel they are experts at something, whether it be automobiles or skyscrapers, everyone has an opinion on something. A good home inspector is like a good auto mechanic, once you find one, you keep going back to them time after time. But why put so much trust in someone else's abilities? The reason is because that person has proven to you to be skilled in their profession and has shown you ever since your first encounter to be competent, experienced, friendly and trustworthy. You are not going to give your business to someone who can't text efficiently or reply to emails in a timely manner are you?

Here are the 4 Characteristics of a Good Home Inspector

  1. Attention to Detail - entails paying close attention and being thorough and knowing what you are looking for. Being able to detect subtle signs of wear, tear and damage is crucial to being a good home inspector.

  2. Experience - having a minimum of 10 years in the building industry prior to becoming an inspection is a must. Building sciences and construction is very complicated and demanding. It takes decades of hands on professional experience to understand the big picture of how buildings function and break-down. Only seasoned veterans in architecture, engineering and skilled construction trades should become inspectors. It is not something you can read in a book and take a few classes to become.

  3. Good Communications - means an inspector can subjugate their language and writing skills to bring forth a comprehensively understandable "Inspection Report" that details to the "T" every piece of evidence that construes "damage" or wear and tear to buildings, structures and sites.

  4. Integrity - honest, morally upright, ethically sound and fortuitous. Integrity is a big word that goes in many directions. In order to have "integrity" you need to check off many boxes on the left column. A good inspector of any kind always wears this word on their shirt. A good home inspector is a truth seeker and is always on the path of discovery no matter where it takes them. It doesn't matter who hires them or for how much. A proficient and accurate inspection always takes precedence over profits, politics and or policy.

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