Pools, spas and water features are a great way to enhance the beauty of any property; however with that said, there is a great deal of maintenance and care to maintain a healthy water system; the water should always be treated properly, the pumps in good working order, filters cleaned, o-ring seals in good shape, furnaces properly functioning, deck drains cleaned and draining correctly, coping and tile integrity, plaster quality, etc. etc. etc. 

Sometimes pool, spa and water feature maintenance gets overlooked over time and tends to be forgotten or abandoned. If you are considering purchasing a home with a pool, spa or water feature it is a good idea to have it inspected. The costs for pool and spa repair could be costly and it is better to be safe than sorry.  


In-depth pool Inspections are not required for a typical home inspection but at One Day Home Inspection we offer an add-on inspection for pools, spas and water features for only an additional $150.00 dollars. 

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Expeditious fees are applicable if extreme travel or quick timelines are expected. Our One Day Service is based on giving an Inspection Report 24-hrs after a site inspection. ODHI is not responsible for extreme conditions or severely damaged properties that cannot be inspected in a reasonable manner of time. Our responsibility ends with our property inspection reports. ODHI is not liable for unforeseen property damages or existing  property damages as well as investment losses. Our duty is to inspect and report in a reasonable sense of understanding. Our Inspection Reports are to be used to determine whether or not a house or building is valuable enough to purchase, sell or lease and or determine an offer or counteroffer value. We are not a guide for creating a Fair Market Value (FMV). Our Inspection Reports are to be used only as a guide to understand the overall condition of a house, building or structure. If purchasing, due diligence is the responsibility of the buyer or investors engaged in purchasing property. ODHI is not liable for unforeseen structural failures, foundation damage, electrical systems, plumbing systems or fixtures, framing, drywall, wood, stone, doors, windows, insulation, concrete, lighting, roofing and un-permitted, not to code structures and hardscapes or code violations. Our goal is to give a very accurate report of the current existing conditions of a property, house, building or structure and maintain ethical and prudent services to our clientele on demand.