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A 3rd Party Building Inspection is the best decision you can make prior to buying or selling a property. It is very important to understand the condition of a property before you make large financial decisions. If you are selling, you need a breakdown of what needs repairing prior to putting on the market to make it appealing, if you are buying you need a breakdown to understand what you are potentially getting into and what value is there in order to make a correct offer or counter-offer. If there is a major system breakdown, it is imperative to either have it repaired to make it marketable or know the cost of the repair prior to negotiations. 

Our goal is to provide you with the information necessary to make a sound and informed decision. Our inspection generally takes between 1-4 hours depending on the size of the property and square footage.  


We prefer to have someone present during our inspections and based on the size and square footage, we will be able to give you an inspection time estimate. It is good to have someone around who knows the property well and has all the keys!!!

Once the inspection is completed, you should receive a detailed report of our findings via email within 24-hours. Our "Inspection Reports" include pictures, written descriptions, recommended repairs, levels of severity and code violations.


Best part of all, our services don't end after your inspection. We are always available for our clients needs. If you have a question or need clarity about a subject, we are always there for you to answer. We didn't write the book, but we improved it!

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