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Buying a home is one of the single largest purchase decision we can make. It makes sense to know exactly the condition of what we are going to purchase.  The simplest way to do that is through a third party home inspection.  A house may have great curb appeal; however what's inside the structure is much more important. A quick coat of paint,some spackle and a few plants can hide a lot of problems and most people who don't work in the field of architecture or construction cannot recognize them. 

With our Home Buyer Inspection, you establish an overall view of the property to guide you in your purchasing decision.  

Purchasing a home or building is an emotional experience;  you get attached to what you want before you even know the true condition of it. You fall in Love with it basically and are blinded by the bigger picture. Sometimes you just have to have it regardless of its condition. It is how we are wired.

We check all the major structural components, we look for water intrusion, inspect the roof and flashing, we look for subtle signs of shoddy repair work. We look for code violations, electrical problems, foundation and hardscape issues. We look for signs of exterior decay due to water damage. We examine the plumbing system for code, look at fixture conditions and drainage. We inspect the soil, decks and slabs around the building to insure proper water drainage and footing infrastructure. We always add recommendations into our Building Inspection Reports that should either be addressed immediately or later down the line; that way you know how hard or costly each repair will be or even how easy!


We can recommend what should be done in the future to prevent further damage or erosion to your land as well in our "Landscape Report." Land erosion can be one of the most costly and destructive experiences to a large landowner. With proper insight and planning, erosion can be limited and maybe even accreted.

Every detail of a Building Inspection Report can be used as a negotiating tool. Nobody wants to pay more than what something is worth. A building's true value is in is functionality of MEP systems and the building envelope minus the finish materials, fixtures and craftsmanship. A home or building should be water tight, air tight, insulated correctly and have all of its MEP functionality, (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) in tact and built to code. A perfect building should be a source of celebration, not heartache. 


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