One Day Home Inspection is a fast and reliable solution to residential and commercial inspections when time is running out and the escrow closing date is looming. We guarantee a professional and thorough full site inspection. We can expedite the inspection process without compromising on detail or service. ODHI services residential, commercial buildings, private ownership, LLCs, Corporations, Insurance Companies, Title Companies, Finance Companies, Non-Profits, Co-ops, Government Institutions, Educational Facilities and Probate Attorneys.

Service and Quality is what ODHI stands for. If you need a reliable and accurate inspection report of the current condition of a property then let us Serve You with our seasoned experience and professionalism!

Flexibility is our advantage. If you are on a fixed timeline, ODHI can deliver. We service all of California and provide your inspection report in "One Day" after a thorough site inspection.

Infrared Thermal Imaging is one of the many services ODHI provides. If you are trying to get Title 24 compliant or just  want to save money on your energy bill, "Thermal Imaging" is a great way to evaluate your building's envelope and see where your insulation problems exist.


ODHI provides home inspections required by most finance and title companies. Our experience will give you the real picture so you don't pay more than what a property is worth.

ODHI has the knowledge and experience of large scale commercial buildings. A thorough examination of MEP systems should always be enacted before a large purchase or Lease. Let ODHI Handle it for You.

ODHI provides thorough investigations for investment opportunities. Our background in the architecture and engineering fields allows us valuable insight into potential money earning investment properties. Because we know how to read building plans and do extensive sight analysis, our Inspections are more than just a piece of paper to get financed. Our Investment Inspection Reports give you a direction to move forward and Purchasing and Tenant Improvement. 

ODHI works with Insurance companies to assess damages from unknown circumstances.  We can fly to any location in the Western Hemisphere or Asia to assess damages, record and document. Our team of skilled investigators will provide the most substantial and accurate damage reports to evaluate the next move. 

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Expeditious fees are applicable if extreme travel or quick timelines are expected. Our One Day Service is based on giving an Inspection Report 24-hrs after a site inspection. ODHI is not responsible for extreme conditions or severely damaged properties that cannot be inspected in a reasonable manner of time. Our responsibility ends with our property inspection reports. ODHI is not liable for unforeseen property damages or existing  property damages as well as investment losses. Our duty is to inspect and report in a reasonable sense of understanding. Our Inspection Reports are to be used to determine whether or not a house or building is valuable enough to purchase, sell or lease and or determine an offer or counteroffer value. We are not a guide for creating a Fair Market Value (FMV). Our Inspection Reports are to be used only as a guide to understand the overall condition of a house, building or structure. If purchasing, due diligence is the responsibility of the buyer or investors engaged in purchasing property. ODHI is not liable for unforeseen structural failures, foundation damage, electrical systems, plumbing systems or fixtures, framing, drywall, wood, stone, doors, windows, insulation, concrete, lighting, roofing and un-permitted, not to code structures and hardscapes or code violations. Our goal is to give a very accurate report of the current existing conditions of a property, house, building or structure and maintain ethical and prudent services to our clientele on demand.